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Welcome to ThermalNet

ThermalNet is the only place you can go for practical and educational information about the thermal environment and how it affects a variety of animals ranging from livestock to humans. On the practical side, we have management tips and techniques for alleviating thermal stress and keeping your animals healthy and productive. On the educational side, we are developing an extensive collection of videos, demos, and information on climate, animals, and their thermal environment. If you’re having trouble finding an answer to a question, go to our Ask the Expert feature. Also be sure to check out our mobile smartphone app ThermalAid, an easy to use tool for measuring, recording, and monitoring heat stress in your herd. Thanks and be sure to give us feedback as we continue to provide feedback for our website and app.

Ask the Expert

Get answers to your important heat stress related questions with the help of University of Missouri experts. Our free Ask the Expert feature connects you with Division of Animal science Researchers, who can answer questions on a wide variety of topics.
Calculator of loss due to heat stress.

Heat Stress APP

ThermalAid is a simple yet functional smartphone app that pulls in live weather data to help determine if your livestock is affected by heat stress, and provides tips to minimize the effects of heat. The app is also a learning device that attracts and stimulates student interest in climate and environmental stress related to themselves and their production animals.