Thermal Aid.
Take the heat off
your cattle.

An easy-to-use app for producers and students.

Thermal Aid is a simple yet functional app that pulls in live weather data
to help determine if your livestock is affected by heat stress,
and provides tips to minimize the effects of heat

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Thermal Aid is a smart phone app that combines information on both weather and/or respiration rate of livestock that allow producers to make crucial decisions regard environmental stress and animal welfare.

The app is also a learning device that attracts and stimulates student interest in climate and environmental stress related to themselves and their production animals.

Thermal Aid. Keep your cattle cool.


Thermal Aid uses your location to pull in live weather data to help determine the heat stress level of your cattle.

No cell reception? Input data manually to test conditions other than the current weather. Students can also input hypothetical data for learning purposes.


Keep track of your cattle's heat stress levels by logging their individual respiration rates. A built in timer helps you with that.

Coming soon Access your data from our website to track heat stress patterns among your cattle.


Learn how to take the appropriate steps to alleviate heat stress in your cattle, with tips for care. Access our video library for further instructions and information.

Need to know more? Check out our knowledge base on how heat affects the cattle industry.